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dc.contributor.authorBarrera Rios, Rolando M.
dc.description.abstractProject developed in order to optimize resources to use in another part of the network, the way in which was implemented is based on several analysis and tests in field which demanded several hours of hard work. The main functions of different parts of the network have been covered in a superficial way because the core of the project is related to performed activities inside an EBTS (Enhanced Base Transceiver System). Iden Network has been implemented based on a number of equipments designed by different manufacturers, the main manufacturer in the network is Motorola, but there are several manufacturers whose equipments are part of the network (e.g. Nortel, Cisco, Tellabs, HP, etc). Iden Technology belongs to Motorola Company; therefore they are on charge of the design, repair and support of the operators which has decided offer different services with this system along the world. The Engineers who works in Field Operation Area, are on charge of guarantee an adequate function of the equipments inside the EBTS, in addition to this, the engineers have to execute routines of maintenance and trouble shooting in order to avoid incidents that could affect the service in a determinate area. To sum up the main activity is the resolution of the problems that could appear suddenly on anywhere place inside of the EBTS network. The statistical tool gave us key information to perform a successful work in this project; through this tool we could detect the different behaviors in the Cell, mainly on services Interconnect and Dispatch. Statistical about energy consumption, payment, billing and quantity of number channels on the air were taken in order to decide the execution of the project. Finally through the same tool, We could check that the work performed inside the cell was successful and fulfilled the main goal, savings in payment of energy and equipment. The results that the project has shown mean a big saving in the budget destined by the company to pay services such as electricity, maintenance and subcontractors. The fact to reduce the current consumption in 43.08 % using new technology, tell us that we always should be ready to looking for new solutions of the issues that could be affecting our business or our network. As an engineer in Telecommunication our duty is find alternatives to solve this kind of troubles in order to optimized resources and generate savings.es_ES
dc.description.uriTrabajo de suficiencia profesionales_ES
dc.publisherUniversidad Ricardo Palmaes_ES
dc.sourceUniversidad Ricardo Palmaes_ES
dc.sourceRepositorio institucional - URPes_ES
dc.subjectEstación Basees_ES
dc.subjectIntermodulación Pasivaes_ES
dc.subjectRadio Canales_ES
dc.subjectBase Radioes_ES
dc.subjectQUAD Base Radioes_ES
dc.subjectControlador ISCes_ES
dc.subjectCanal de Controles_ES
dc.subjectCanal de Traficoes_ES
dc.titleOptimización de recursos en una EBTS en servicioes_ES
dc.typeinfo:eu-repo/semantics/bachelorThesises_ESía Electrónicaes_ES Ricardo Palma. Facultad de Ingenieríaes_ESítulo Profesionales_ESía Electrónicaes_ES Electrónicoes_ES

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